New interactive Sherlock mobile game to launch

From Broadcast magazine:

Fans of Sherlock will given the chance to help the detective solve a series of cases via a mobile game due to launch after the BBC1 series has aired.

Sherlock: The Network has been developed by digital production company The Project Factory in association with show producers Hartswood Films.

The £2.99 iOS game pits players as one of Sherlock’s trusted lieutenants and tasks them with solving 10 individual cases which are underpinned with one overarching mystery.

In each case players must travel around a map of London by tube, black cab and on-foot, interviewing witnesses and suspects, negotiating mini-games and collecting clues to solve the crime.

The game features around 20 minutes of original video footage of Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, with input from writer Mark Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue.

Along with the video messages, clues will also be sent to players via SMS and voicemail as The Project Factory aimed to develop an “interactive experience” which tapped in to the capabilities of the device.

The Project Factory creative director Rob Barnes said the game was being launched further to the conclusion of the series to tap into the surrounding buzz.

“People are spending increasing amounts of time online and once a series has finished it is important to keep feeding fans additional content,” he said. “The bigger dramas are starting to realise it’s important to give audiences different experiences across different platforms.”

The Project Factory manages the social media activity for ITV drama Downton Abbey and has previously launched an immersive mobile game to support the Netherland’s biggest soap Good Times Bad Times.      

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